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Right Mind Media is an award-winning media group dedicated to addiction and mental health awareness. We've interviewed hundreds of specialists and people in recovery from across the country to create over 50 hours (and counting) of award winning podcasts on addiction and mental health.
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Dec 25, 2018

Jon and Abby are joined by some special musical guests, and they’ll also discuss the challenges faced by people in recovery during the holidays and talk about proven strategies for surviving the season.

Dec 17, 2018

Family Addiction Specialist Diana Clark, talks about how the shift in parenting methods has affected how families approach the addiction of their children and what families can do to get their loved ones help.

Dec 10, 2018

The story of America’s "War on Drugs" usually begins with Richard Nixon or Ronald Reagan. Matthew R. Pembleton, author of "Containing Addiction", argues that its origins instead lie in the years following World War II.  Matthew joins us in an upcoming podcast to discuss how U.S. policymakers had long viewed addiction and organized crime as profound domestic and trans-national threats, and how's America's application of a foreign policy solution to a domestic social crisis. The result is a drug war that persists into the present day.

Dec 4, 2018

Personal stories of addiction and recovery touch us the most, and have the greatest potential to heal and educate.  Join us for the fourth installment of our series "Recovery Stories".

Nov 20, 2018

November is National Adoption Month and our guest, Lisa Coppola, a therapist at Boston Post Adoption Resources, talks about the challenges people face.

Oct 31, 2018

As our most culturally accepted drug, how can alcohol go from casual use to problematic or deadly drinking? What are the societal impacts of it's use and mis-use?  And how can people get help for alcohol use disorders and problem drinking?  Join us as Jon and Abby break it all down in Alcohol 101.

Oct 28, 2018

This week on the Right Mind Media Podcast we talk about children's mental health issues with our guest Lisa Lambert, Executive Director of the Parent Professional Advocacy League, a grassroots family organization that advocates for improved access to mental health services for children, youth and their families.

Oct 17, 2018

This week on the Right Mind Media Podcast, we talk about trauma and resilience with Lynn Sanford, clinical director of the Trauma Center at the Justice Resource Institute in Brookline, MA

Oct 8, 2018

Is the DEA complicit in the opioid epidemic? Our guest, drug policy expert Professor Leo Beletsky, says it’s time to revamp or eliminate the DEA and rebuild America’s drug policy from the ground up.

Oct 1, 2018

What do the terms "dual diagnosis" and "co-occurring disorders" mean?  Jon and Abby discuss how addiction and mental illness are entwined, how they are diagnosed, and how they are best treated.

Sep 24, 2018

What is harm reduction?  Does it work?  And if so, how?  Jon and Abby breakdown various harm reduction techniques, explain what they do, and why so many cities and towns are adopting harm reduction practices to fight addiction.

Sep 20, 2018
Personal stories of addiction and recovery touch us the most, and have the greatest potential to heal and educate.  Join us for the third installment of our series "Recovery Stories".
Sep 11, 2018

Dr. Alex Solodyna, a clinical psychologist, and Madeline Conover, LMHC, break down the roots and symptoms of Anxiety and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and the treatments available.

Sep 7, 2018
Dr. Deborah Offner, a clinical psychologist and middle and secondary school consultant, joins us to talk about student mental health during adolescent and young adult development, and what parents can do to help.
Aug 21, 2018

Guest Kevin Griffin is a Buddhist author, teacher, and leader in the mindful recovery movement.  He teaches internationally in Buddhist centers, treatment centers, and academic settings.  Kevin specializes in helping people in recovery connect with meditation and a progressive understanding of the 12 Steps.

Aug 15, 2018

Jails in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago each house more people with mental illnesses than any hospital. As many as half of all people in America’s jails and prisons have a psychiatric disorder. Journalist Alisa Roth joins us to talk about her new book "Insane", an urgent exposé of the mental health crisis in our courts, jails, and prisons.

Aug 6, 2018

Author and journalist Johann Hari went on a three-year journey across the world to interview the leading scientific experts about what causes depression and anxiety, and what solves them. He joins us to talk about his findings in his book "Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression, and the Unexpected Solutions."

Jul 30, 2018

Author Sally Tisdale talks about her thought-provoking, yet practical perspective on death and dying in her new book "Advice For Future Corpses and Those that Love Them."

Jul 25, 2018

Award-winning journalist Catherine Price presents a practical, hands-on plan to break up—and then make up—with your phone. The goal? A long-term relationship that actually feels good.

Jul 16, 2018

Artist Domenic Esposito and gallery owner Fernando Luis Alvarez join us to talk about using art to protest Big Pharma's role in the opioid epidemic. In June, they placed Esposito's sculpture, an 800 pound depiction of a spoon used to cook heroin, outside the headquarters of Purdue Pharma, the makers of the painkiller OxyContin. Join us for an in depth talk with the men behind the protest.

Jul 9, 2018

Why do Americans with serious mental illness die 15-30 years before those without?  Our guest Dr. Dhruv Khullar says the disparity is in part due to the difference in the way health care is delivered to the mentally ill.  He talks about why that is and what can be done about it, this week on the Right Mind Media Podcast.

Jul 2, 2018

This week on the Right Mind Media Podcast we speak with Tom Harrison, author of the upcoming Family Addiction Guidebook: Everything You Need to Understand, Cope With, and Get Help for the World’s Most Bewildering Illness. The book is a practical and authoritative guide for families and friends looking to better understand addiction and how to get help for themselves and their loved ones.

Mar 1, 2018

Personal stories of addiction and recovery touch us the most and have the greatest potential to heal.

In the second installment of our series "Recovery Stories", we hear from a man whose experiences through anxiety, marijuana use, opiate addiction, and ultimately jail time, led to a journey of life-long recovery.